Is Delta 9 THC Legal in Florida?

Florida residents love the good life. Part of the good life includes having access to Delta 9 THC. While they have several cannabinoids legalized like CBD, delta 8 THC, delta 10 THC, and THC-O, there is still room for one, Delta 9 THC. Delta 9 THC products are federally compliant as long it is hemp-derived. As an adult resident, you can find several products online. But not just any product will do. That is why you need to find a brand with the highest quality, industry standards, and legal compliance.  The Legality of Delta 9 in Florida Since 2016, medical marijuana has been legal in Florida. Thanks to Amendment 2, a medical marijuana program was created. The program allows residents approved by the state for having specific qualifying conditions to purchase cannabis from state-licensed dispensaries. Despite the progress with medical marijuana, recreational marijuana is still illegal. But…Delta 9 THC products derived from hemp are legal as long as they follow federal regulations. Through the Farm Bill 2018, hemp-derived Delta 9 THC products are legal as long as they have a maximum of 0.3% THC in dry weight. If you are looking for higher potency, you can purchase more milligrams which would accumulate to a better high. As a Floridan, you have no limitations on the quantity sizes, and milligram strength. Where You Should Buy Delta 9 In Florida Online Hemp and Delta 9 Stores Not all online stores are created equal. Therefore, you want to buy from the best of the best like Kandy Boy. Why is that? Reputable Delta 9 online stores offer a wide variety of products that are fully lab-tested by reputable third-party organizations and are legally compliant. More so, you enjoy the highest potency at the most affordable prices on the market without having to move a muscle since they offer fast and discrete shipping to all state areas. Are you worried about outdated products? You don’t need to be. Inventory turnover for online stores is quick ensuring you have the freshest and highest quality products, unlike physical retail locations. We ship wherever you are in Florida.  Vape Stores While you may find some vape stores stocking Delta 9 THC products, you should purchase them with caution. This is because vape stores primarily focus on nicotine-based products so they may have lower quality standards for hemp goods.  Manufacturers There is no better place to buy Delta 9 products than the brand’s actual website. Brand websites like Kandy Boy ensure access to the whole product catalog, authentic products, and educational resources about their production process, certifications, and hemp education.   Don’t Do it! Where You Should Not Buy Delta 9 THC In Florida Convenience stores and gas stations  While they may seem “convenient”, the experience may not be. This is because stores and gas stations do not focus on stocking quality products. Their goal is to move hemp products cheaply and quickly so they may pay less attention to spotting counterfeit Delta 9 products.  Non-businesses You may have met an unlicensed vendor of Delta 9 products on your street corner or on social media that may seem legitimate. But there is probably a reason they are unlicensed. The chances of buying fake or illegitimate products are high so it is better to avoid these and buy from reputable and licensed sellers.  Delta 9 Products That Are Legally Compliant In Florida Since hemp-derived products compliant with the Farm Bill 2018 are legal, brands have created several types to cater to different customer tastes and preferences differ. Everybody can enjoy a Delta 9 product that suits their personal need.  Here are the types you should know: Delta 9 Gummies are the “people’s choice”. They are the most popular consumption method because their high can go for up to 8 hours. This means you will get the most potent body high of all the consumption methods from gummies.  Delta 9 Edibles excluding gummies come in many forms including savory snacks, baked goods, and fruit snacks. Delta 9 Capsules contain fewer ingredients, are swallowed like ordinary pills, and take time to simmer down to produce effects.  Delta 9 Tinctures are oils consumed by putting some drops under your tongue. They come in droppers which have a variety of milligram strength options. Delta 9 Vapes give you the option to choose between pre-filled cartridges or disposable all-in-one systems. You can enjoy different strain options that will give you the strongest and fastest-acting high of all. Why Buying Delta 9 THC Online Is Better Than Through A Local Business Variety of Delta 9 THC Products  When you are looking for a wide selection of Delta 9 THC products, look no further than online stores like Kandy Boy. Since they can carry more inventory, consumers can choose from several flavors, strengths, strains, and products. This allows you to pick a product that suits your taste and preferences.  Attractive and Affordable Delta 9 THC Prices Online stores do not have a store, several employees, and other overheads that retailers pass on to the consumer through higher prices. Besides offering a wide range of products, online stores like Kandy Boy offer the most affordable prices because of the savings they make in overheads.  Better Quality Standards for Delta 9 THC The online hemp market is very competitive. To compete, brands like Kandy Boy must maintain the strictest quality standards to provide a safe and valuable product. More so, besides Kandy Boy’s top-notch products, it carries other top-notch products. This means they understand what makes a quality product that delivers the best value to customers.  Attractive Delta 9 THC Discounts and Promotions Looking to save money? Online Delta 9 stores like Kandy Boy have discounts and promotions throughout the year that will help you get more bang for your buck. Spend less on the Delta 9 products you enjoy.  Fresher Product Stock Since there is more traffic for Kandy Boy’s online store, there is a high turnover of our products which are replaced with newer and fresher products. Our consumers enjoy the highest quality, freshest, and most potent products on the market that are worth their time, money, and experience.  Access to Delta 9 THC Bundle and Bulk Buying Options Buying in bundles and bulk can save you lots of money. Kandy Boy offers consumers Delta 9 bulk and bundle deals for several products with greatly discounted prices.  Convenience  You don’t need to move a muscle to access products at Delta 9 online stores. Get your favorite Delta 9 Kandy Boy product within 1-2 business days via USPS.  Why An In-Person Business May Not Be A Great Option You always want the most valuable experience with your Delta 9 products. You deserve it for spending your hard-earned money. But choosing an in-person business may ruin your experience. in-person businesses have low turnover which means they may have outdated and poor-quality products. Besides poor quality products, there is a lower variety so you may miss out on a specific product you love.  That’s not how you want your money to be spent. Kandy Boy offers only the best to our consumers. We offer a wide variety of Delta 9 quality products at the most affordable prices with the fastest shipping times. At Kandy Boy, our consumers don’t make any compromises on buying the best value-for-money Delta 9 products.    Final Thoughts on Delta 9 THC in Florida Floridians have several brands they can choose from but you want a brand with products that deliver a worthwhile experience and with straight-to-your-door delivery. Not all products can deliver on quality, potency, and experience. Kandy Boy offers lab-tested, high-quality, fresh, and potent hemp-derived Delta 9 THC products. Don’t miss out on the best Delta 9 experience. Check out Kandy Boy’s range of Delta 9 THC products.