Kandy Boy Visits Lahaina

Yesterday 6-17-23 We arrived in Lahaina, after settling in to our AirBNB we set out to check out the damage from the fires which is located about 20 miles away.Contrary to popular belief, the whole Island did not catch fire and most of the island is very much operational. Sadly Lahaina is completely destroyed and without power.  As we drove down road 30 we were met with signs that said road closed 10:00pm - 6:00AM, Authorized vehicles only. As we neared about 5 miles from Lahaina we noticed at least 100 families in cars and trucks parked along the highway. The only thought coming to mind, that their homes were destroyed and they haven't a place to go.Then closer to the town you can see where police and the national guard have roads closed, signs are posted that no one on foot should be back there. We'll be traveling back out to Lahaina to give out the 10% donations from yesterdays sales which totaled $2750.Thats $275 but sadly doesn't seem like enough for the day, so we'll be matching this amount today. You can keep up with whats going on by following and subscribing on YouTube and Tik Tok

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