One Cannabis Company Has Designed An Alternative Prototype For San Franciscos Killer Robots

Monday December 1st the San Francisco police department was authorized by vote to use deadly force by way of robots.  Here is a link to the article in the Washington Post Also is a photo of the robot attached.  Kandy Boy a company that focuses on providing Real THC Gummies to customers in all 50 states without the need for a medical card, says, it's outraged that this even passed. There is a better way to deal with a hostile assailant other than blowing him to bits.  Our suggestion: With our design of our robot, it would be possible to get the assailant so high with our 50 state legal THC gummies that the police would be able to go in an apprehend the suspect without so much as needing to tackle them to the ground. Trust us. They will already be on the ground depending on how many gummies our robot is programed to force feed the criminal.  Currently the maximum amount of gummies it will feed someone is 2 but this is being voted on late spring of 2023. We feel so strongly that our gummies will put the perp on their ass that we will even send you anyone doubting us a free 2 gummy sample. We strongly encourage the police and citizens of San Francisco to re think their decision about killer robots and hopefully implement our robot instead.    This article is entirely satire. But we hope you laughed your ass off at it. 

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