What Is THC-A Flower - Weed Is Finally Legal!

Everything You Need To Know About THC-A Flower

With all the cannabinoids recently surfacing, it may be hard to keep up.

Unlike Delta 8 flower, HHC flower, and THC-O flower, THC-A flower is 100% natural and gets you just as high as the weed from the dispensary. 

What is THC-A - 

THC-A or 

Is THC-A Flower Weed?

Will THC-A Flower Get Me High? 

What If The Cops Stop Me With THC-A Flower?

How Do I My THC-A Flower Is Safe To Consume

Take one look at a Colorado marijuiana label and you will see two types of THC listed on the packaging. 

THC-A and THC (which is short for ∆9-THC)

Here is where it gets interesting.... Get ready. You might want to sit down for this one.

Hemp is considered any product that has less than .3% ∆9-THC, So the product shown above that was sold as Marijuiana, is actually classified as hemp under federal law. 

And with that being said. Weed is legal, we're just able to call it hemp now. 


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