Frequently Asked Questions

THCa is the acidic precursor to Delta 9 THC, the active form of THC that gets you high. THCa converts into regular D9THC when it is smoked, vaped or dabbed.

Yes. THCa converts into D9THC when smoked. While all the different letters and numbers may sound confusing, THCa is simply the same chemical you've been smoking for years, as THCa is produced naturally by the Cannabis plant, but we have just been calling it THC for years!

Both are produced naturally by the cannabis plant but THCa gets you high and CBD does not.

THCa concentrate is just regular cannabis concentrate that is being sold legally as hemp.

Due to the 2018 farm bill, any cannabis product can be sold as federally legal hemp if it contains less than 0.3% D9THC.

This 0.3% limit does NOT apply to THCa, allowing us to sell high THC flower online legally!

Everything you need to know about THCa Concentrate
What is THCa?

THCA is a type of cannabis concentrate that can be consumed by smoking or vaping. Due to containing less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC, our THCa product can be sold as federally legal hemp.

How Do You Consume THCa Concentrate?

To get the desired effect from THCa concentrate, you will need to heat them up through methods such as smoking, vaping, or dabbing. It is recommended to use a dab rig or other electronic dabbing device.

Will THCa Get Me High?

Yes, so long as you heat them to the point of cannabinoid conversion. THCA is non-intoxicating on its own but converts into the intoxicating THC when exposed to heat. When you vaporize THCA via a dab rig, e-rig, or tabletop vaporizer, THCA transforms into active THC.

The THC in the vapor then binds with receptors in your body's endocannabinoid system, producing an intoxicating effect. 

Is THCa Concentrate Legal?

THCA is not classified as a controlled substance under the Federal Controlled Substances Act if it is hemp-derived, and contains less than 0.3% D9 THC.

THCa is activated by heat turning it into Delta 9 THC, so you get the same psychoactive benefits as regular THC.

Our THCa is federally legal as it's derived from hemp under the 2018 farm bill.

How is THCa Concentrate Made?

THCa concentrate is made by extracting THCa from raw cannabis plants using a solvent such as CO2 or ethanol. The process involves grinding the plant material and mixing it with the solvent, which is then filtered through a series of screens to separate the THCa from the plant matter. The resulting solution is then heated to evaporate the solvent, leaving behind a concentrated substance that is rich in THCa.