THCa Badder
THCa Badder
THCa Badder
THCa Badder

THCa Badder

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About THCa Badder

Kandy Boy's THCA Badder is a high-quality cannabis concentrate that offers a potent and pure THCA experience. Made through a meticulous extraction process, our badder is free of any impurities or additives, delivering a pure and potent hit of THCA with every use. With a smooth, buttery consistency and a light, floral aroma, our badder is a pleasure to use and will elevate any cannabis experience. Whether you prefer to dab, vape, or use it to create your own infused products, Kandy Boy's THCA Badder is the perfect choice for connoisseurs who demand the best.


THCa Badder Ingredients

  • Total Cannabinoid Contents: 
  • Delta 9 Contents: Under 0.3% THC 

  • Ingredients: THCa 

Recommended Use

You should not use this product while driving or operating machinery. It is advised to consult with a physician before using this product, and it should not be used by pregnant or nursing individuals or those with diagnosed or undiagnosed health conditions. In order to purchase or use this product, you must be at least 21 years old and it must be legal in your state or territory.

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Everything you need to know about THCa Badder

What is THCa Badder?

THCA badder is a type of cannabis concentrate made from THCA, a cannabinoid that is present in raw and live cannabis plants. It is known for its smooth, buttery consistency and potent, pure THCA content, which offers a unique and satisfying experience for users.

How Do You Consume THCa Badder?

To get the desired effect from THCa badder, you will need to heat them up through methods such as smoking, vaping, or dabbing. It is recommended to use a dab rig or other electronic dabbing device.

How is THCa Badder Made?

THCA badder is made by extracting and purifying THCA from raw cannabis plants using a hydrocarbon solvent. The resulting concentrate is purged and left to cure until it reaches a smooth, buttery consistency.

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