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Since Cult Of The Franklin is rather cultish, we haven't been able to keep a post up in that group to save our life. I decided to make this funny page.

Every-time someone posts a picture of Kandy Boy, or says something about Kandy Boy, that is good and truthful it gets deleted, or bombarded with negative comments even though the review is quite positive.

It's always. There are more reputable brands out there. 

It almost seems like brands are scared that Kandy Boy has best flower in the game, and they know that people will pay the price for stuff that is actually awesome. Naturally like any business owner that can't say anything bad really they just resort to lies and negative sentiment comments. 

Anything posted it's immediately bombarded with shilled negative comment. I think it's safe to say that r/CultOfTheFranklin is completely ran by shills.

I'll tell you first hand when we first launched THCa flower we sold out very quickly. People seemed to like Arete, so I had my purchasing manager reach out to them and get some samples. 

Well it all smelled very hempy maybe 2 of the 8 strains were ok, DTW quality but none were the quality that we sell here at Kandy Boy. 

You will hear people put our $50-$60 1/8th bags of flower in a box with all the companies that sell lower grade of flower, and then lie and say it's "Fire Indoor" when it's decent greenhouse at best. And let me tell you decent greenhouse isn't going to smell hempy. 

We are sick of people saying got to Arete Kandy boy is  TAXING, we encourage members of Cult Of The Franklin to take advantage of our 

Get Out Of The Cult And On With Your New Live Buying Exotic THCa from Kandy Boy Special 


First time cultists can cultivate a great deal by using the

coupon code: BREAKFREE50

Which will give them 50% off any of our 3.5 Gram Bags of THCa Flower. 

This new savings acutally give you the opportunity to spend the same amount of money you would at Arete to try this stuff and put all this crap to rest. 

Cult Of The Franklin


If you like us simply comeback, and review us on Cult Of The Franklin of course. Screenshot your review and send it to us at and we'll send you a free Escaped The Cult T-Shirt (just a normal t shirt, but now you can wear it proudly.

Also you will notice an article published about an old company in 2019 that a vendor gave us a fake COA for one of the 1000's of products we had on our website. The product was quickly removed, but not before a competitor (Delta Extracts, Savage CBD) had an article written about us.

This was done because early in the game I called the owner of Savage CBD an asshole, and he's had a vendetta against me and my companies ever since.  

For doing $15,000,000 in sales from Hempire Direct my old company if you really really look, how many bad reviews are there.  Not many for doing that much business. 

Anyway since I can't respond to the community and have to just watch people comment negative things, I figured I'd say my piece here. 

I'm our here doing the most. Donating to last prisioner project, wrapping my vehicles so people know they can't run over us or overrule us with the a plant that grows in the ground. 

When you buy from Kandy Boy you not only help some incarcerated for cannabis, but you also are purchasing from a company who stands for freedom. 


What Is Delta-9 THC And How Is This Legal?

Delta 9 THC is the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana and the same ingredient used in dispensary-grade edibles.

Due to the weight of our gummies, we can still put 15mg of delta 9 THC into each gummy and be compliant to ship to all 50 states. The total amount of 100% THC percentage is less than 0.3% of the gummies entire weight.

This allows us to ship legally to all 50 states. No Medical Card Required!

All Kandy Boy products are tested at New Bloom Labs, a DEA-registered testing facility. 

Free THC Gummy Sample | 2-Pack | 30mg Delta 9 THC - Kandy Boy
Free THC Gummy Sample 2 Pack, 30mg Delta 9 THC - Kandy Boy
Free THC Gummy Sample 2 Pack, 30mg Delta 9 THC - Kandy Boy
Free THC Gummy Sample 2 Pack, 30mg Delta 9 THC - Kandy Boy
Free THC Gummy Sample 2 Pack, 30mg Delta 9 THC - Kandy Boy
Free THC Gummy Sample 2 Pack, 30mg Delta 9 THC - Kandy Boy
Free THC Gummy Sample 2 Pack, 30mg Delta 9 THC - Kandy Boy
Free THC Gummy Sample 2 Pack, 30mg Delta 9 THC - Kandy Boy
Free THC Gummy Sample 2 Pack, 30mg Delta 9 THC - Kandy Boy
Free THC Gummy Sample 2 Pack, 30mg Delta 9 THC - Kandy Boy

Free THC Gummy Sample | 2-Pack | 30mg Delta 9 THC

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Grab A Free Delta 9 Gummy Sample & Help Us Free A Prisoner.

We donate 1% of our sales to the Last Prisoner Project.
Every time a free sample is ordered on our website, you get a little taste of what we're all about. 
When you're ready to make grab some of our paid products, you can feel at peace knowing 1% of your item total will be donated to freeing citizens imprisoned on cannabis charges!

We have 1,000,000 sample packs to give away so let's help free some people that really don't deserve to be locked up. 
Product Description
  • Legal In All 50 States!
  • Each gummy is “infused” not sprayed, and contains 15mg of Delta 9 THC. 

What you will receive. 

  • 2 delicious assorted 15mg gummies (flavors are random).
  • Gummies are made with Pectin and are vegan.
  • Pectin gummies do not melt in the heat.
  • You will also receive a free gift worth $20 when you get your order. 

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