Is THCA High Life A Scam?

Yes THCA High Life is 100% a scam.


On April 20th I parted ways with my manufacturing company after finding out they packed one of my orders of gummies in the facility she was  making my INFUSED gummies at. 

On Tuesday May 14th. owner of  in Queen Creek Arizona, Illegally accessed's back end admin system of their website, through logging in with a graphic designers credentials ( or hiring the designer) to use the email sending service Privy which houses 20,000 active subscribers. 

She gained access via a graphic designer that had been working for the company for 3 years. 

Over the course of march the brand started ramping up thca flower sales on  and i was pressingo buy more flower which was her end of the bargien for getting 50% of the businesses funds.

She followed all of the instructions I gave her for our upcoming product launch THCA Vapes, and withheld products from Kandy Boy and THCA.CO preventing money from being made so she could sell them on her new brand website and Kandy Boy would suffer. 

All while being paid $15,000 every month.

Just for existing.

She billed me through her company for things like Labor, customer service hours, fufillmen.

On 4-20 I sent out an email that did over $20,000 in revenue by blowing out our gummies at $4.20 becassddue i knew something was up. 

I figured hey I'll liquidate the inventory and start over and we can go our sesperate ways. 

Here is the account name which was used to send the scam email. 

 then sent the following email to 18,000 people, ( and since she was also doing fulfillment she also has access to kandyboy's database of  135,000 Customers. 

Here is a picture of the beginning of the Scam email that went out.  


Here is the rest of the email. 

The red text was placed on these images by me to illustrate how exactly this is a SCAM! 

deliberately damaged The Kandy Boy and brand by saying they are rebranded and THCA High Life, when in fact both domain names were sold to a different party. 


I had a feeling this was coming so I needed to plan and think fast. 

So I did the first thing I could think of when I was 8000 miles away.



Kandy Boy and THCA.Co have just acquired new merchant processing accounts and inventory is being packaged up this week. 


I will also be filing a personal lawsuit for intellectual property theft. 

Oh and about me....

Oh and  if you think anyone is going to buy your  gummies anymore after what you just did. You have another thing coming. 


Peace America It's Been Real! 


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