Weed Use By People Under 21

  1. It is important to prioritize public health and safety above all else when developing a policy on weed usage under 21.

  2. It is generally recommended that individuals under the age of 21 should not use weed, as their brains are still developing, and weed usage may affect their cognitive function, memory, and decision-making abilities.

  3. A comprehensive education and awareness campaign should be implemented to inform young people about the potential risks and consequences of weed usage, especially if they use it before the age of 21.

  4. Law enforcement measures should be in place to prevent the sale of weed to minors and to enforce penalties for individuals who do so.

  5. Access to treatment and counseling should be provided to young people who may be struggling with weed addiction or other substance use disorders.

  6. It may be beneficial to consider alternative approaches to criminalizing weed usage among young people, such as community-based restorative justice programs that focus on education, counseling, and community service.

  7. Finally, it is important to regularly evaluate the effectiveness of any policy on weed usage under 21 and to make adjustments as needed based on scientific evidence and feedback from stakeholders.