THCA Flower - Modified Grapes
Buy THCa Flower Online - Modified Grapes- Indica
Modified Grapes- Indica- Buy Indoor Grown THCa Flower Online
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THCA Flower - Modified Grapes
THCA Flower - Modified Grapes

THCA Flower - Modified Grapes

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About THCA Flower - Modified Grapes

Indoor Grown Modified Grapes - Indica

About Modified Grapes Strain

Introducing the Modified Grapes strain! This potent hybrid is the child of two renowned strains, GMO and Purple Punch, and is widely praised for its picture-perfect buds and exceptional aroma, taste, and effects. With 22.6% THC, Modified Grapes is ideal for experienced cannabis consumers.

What Does Modified Grapes Feel Like?

When consuming Modified Grapes, you can expect to feel drowsy, relaxed, and aroused. Medical marijuana patients often turn to this strain to help with symptoms of anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

How Does Modified Grapes Taste?

Its savory taste and intoxicating aroma, which features hints of earth, fruity berries, diesel fuel, and grape candy, will leave you wanting more.

Modified Grapes Nug Structure

In terms of appearance, Modified Grapes stands out with its mostly purple coloration, amber and peach accents, and frosty trichomes coating each nug. Its unique nug structure is sure to impress. Don't miss the opportunity to try this one-of-a-kind strain!

Lab Results 

Cannabinoid Contents

  • Total Cannabinoids - 22.6%
    • THCa - 21.6%
    • CBGa - 0.715%
    • D9THC - 0.285%




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THCa flower for sale online.

Everything you need to know about THCa flower

What is THCa Flower?

THCa flower is cannabis that contains less than 0.3% ∆9-THC.

Truth be told most - dispensary weed is also below 0.3% D9THC. That's because it's rich in THCa and when you smoke weed (decarboxylation), it turns into Delta-9 THC, the active form of THC.

For the last 4 years we could have been selling weed online legally, and now we are!

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