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3. Wait 2-4 days for it to arrive. The package is discreet and delivery 100% Everytime or we reshp. 

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We Want You To Sell Them And Come Back And Buy More. We focus on making a few dollers a pack. So you can make most of the money And well sell alot of gummies. 

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Our mission is to provide the best quality, lab tested vegan gummies on the market. 

We recently have  expanded our line to included tinctures, lollipops, and infused sugar.

We try to offer these products to you at the lowest price possible. I wanted to create a company that could provide a great product that tasted amazing, was more effective than a dispensary gummy and costs a lot less. 

We accomplished that and decided to launch Kandy Boy in mid 2022 While having a great product is very important, it's more important to us that we make a difference inside of the community. 

 We're proud to announce our partnership with Last Prisioner Project to help free the 40,000 people currently locked inside our prison system for non-violent cannabis offenses.
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