CBD + CBG ENERGY Tincture | 1 Ounce | 30 Servings

CBD + CBG ENERGY Tincture | 1 Ounce | 30 Servings

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Introducing our CBD + CBG Energy Tincture, a dynamic blend crafted to invigorate your senses and elevate your vitality. Each 1-ounce bottle offers 30 servings of premium-grade cannabinoids, featuring 1,500mg of CBD and an energizing boost of 750mg CBG.

Unleash the power of nature's synergy with this carefully curated formula. CBD, renowned for its calming properties, is combined with CBG to create a tincture that may offer a harmonious blend of relaxation and invigoration. This unique combination is designed to support your daily energy needs, providing a natural and sustainable source of vitality.

Experience the precision of our Energy Tincture with each measured dropper. Simply place the desired amount under your tongue, hold for 60 seconds, and let the powerful cannabinoids go to work. The easy integration into your daily routine makes it convenient to enjoy the benefits of this potent formula whenever you need an energy boost.

Crafted from organically grown hemp and subjected to rigorous third-party testing, our CBD + CBG Energy Tincture exemplifies our commitment to quality and purity. Free from pesticides and harmful additives, you can trust that you're receiving a product that aligns with your wellness goals.

Whether you're facing a demanding day or seeking a natural pick-me-up, our CBD + CBG Energy Tincture is your go-to companion for sustained energy and well-being. Elevate your daily routine with this empowering blend and embrace the natural synergy of CBD and CBG for a balanced and energized life.


  • Natural Flavor
  • Contains Only 3 Ingredients: Organic MCT Oil and Hemp Extract and Natural Flavoring. Simple.
  • Bottle: 1 oz
  • 30 Servings

1,500mg CBD / 750mg CBG (2,250mg Total)

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